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America’s Longest Running Burlesque Show!

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Crazy Girls Show

Crazy Girls Las Vegas is the show you need to say in Vegas this year. However, it’s not new production. Crazy Girls is one of Las Vegas’s longest fixtures and has a huge number of fans all over the world. Millions of Vegas visitors have seen this fantastically bawdy show and they just keep on coming. It is one of Las Vegas’s most popular shows, entertaining famous viewers like Robert DeNiro, Tom Jones, and Nicholas Cage in the past. So what exactly is this wild, risqué, titillating show?

The Ultra-Sexy Show

This exciting burlesque show introduces new dance routines all the time, so you can see the show again and again. The professionally trained troop of dancers at Crazy Girls can tackle anything and they make these wild shows look amazingly easy.
Everything from sensual burlesque hip shakers to modern stiletto-led pole dancing is on offer at Crazy Girls Las Vegas. The only consistent feature is the skimpy underwear that these beautiful women wear throughout the show. Your day will get so much better once you’ve seen this seductive show.

Come see for yourself how sultry dance steps and gorgeous girls make this show crazy good.

Burlesque Show – Planet Hollywood

Crazy Girls has recently taken up a new residency at the Planet Hollywood Casino Resort. This is the newest era of its Las Vegas domination which has lasted more than thirty years. Crazy Girls used to be a fixture at the Riviera until it closed after sixty years of business in 2015.
This lively revue features a troop of talented and gorgeous female dancers. Its burlesque style is wildly popular with viewers who find themselves entertained by these beautiful athletic women. You’ll get to see pretty much everything at this topless show which has now been embraced by the Las Vegas Strip. In the past, however, things weren’t so smooth.
Various naysayers have complained about the Crazy Girls’ bare legs (no tights in this show!), risqué act, and thrilling advertisements. The Crazy Girls seem to win every time though, and their legs, dances, and ads are still visible all over Sin City.


Super Exciting Las Vegas Show

When you want to see a super exciting and titillating Las Vegas show, you’ve got to choose Crazy Girls. It doesn’t matter who you are – whether you’re visiting Las Vegas or you’re a Sin City resident, Crazy Girls will be one of your Nevada highlights. Make sure to get your hands on some tickets to Crazy Girls – you don’t want to miss out on this wildly exciting show!


This show has 6 stunning girls who provide the most seductive & sensual show in Sin City! This shows proudly skirts between sexy to sexual…the perfect balance! This show pushes the boundaries with a girl on girl scenes and without question offers the HOTTEST asses in town. These ladies are truly delicious.

Alex Belfield

Writer, Celebrity Radio

Really beautiful fun ladies. It’s beautiful to see the ladies move and show their perfect bodies. Each one moves their best way, each act the best one does. Pure and simple it’s great to see the beauty of these ladies.

Olivia Vegas


Crazy Girls Bronze Sculpture


In fact, one of the world’s top ten good luck monuments is a Crazy Girls fixture! Created in 1995, the bronze statue weighs 1,700 pounds and is accompanied by a 300-pound sign. Featuring the nude behinds of seven Crazy Girls dancers, the statue cheekily reads “No Ifs, Ands or …”.

Las Vegas visitors love to take photos with this cheeky statue and MSNBC now describes it as one of the world’s best good luck monuments. The eye-catching Crazy Girls statue is like a built-in souvenir – why wouldn’t you get a photo with it if you’re seeing this thrilling Las Vegas show?


Ticket Information

Details & Tips

  • Age restriction: Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Location: Sin City Theatre, Planet Hollywood
  • Address: 3667 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
  • Showtimes: 9:30 p.m. Thursday – Tuesday.
  • Show Length: 75 Minutes

Ticket Prices

  • Category 1: General admission – Ticket Price $90
  • Category 2: General admission – Ticket Price $100
  • Category 3: VIP – Price $120 (VIP guests have a dedicated admission line and will be admitted first, once the showroom doors open. Seating is assigned by ushers on a first-come, first-served basis).

Seating Chart


Crazy Girls Vegas


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